Got questions about how online consultation works? We’ve got answers!

What Are The Advantages of Online Consultation?


It’s perfect for busy people


If you have to organise a babysitter, drive to the clinic, find parking and you’re tearing your hair out trying to get there on time, why not take the path of least resistance? With online consultation, you only have to commute to the couch, or can squeeze your naturopathic care into your lunch break.

It’s perfect for remote people


Do you live remotely, far from any kind of healthcare that’s not a GP? Now you can access the best of Naturopathic care and all you need is wifi and a laptop with a front-facing camera.

It’s perfect if you’re housebound


Sick with a digestive flare? No worries. Set your laptop up where you are and Zoom with me – I’ll get you through it while you stay near a familiar bathroom.

What’s Involved In Online Consultation?


These are the main things to know about online consultation with Lauren:

The Tech


Lauren uses the most stable and secure video-calling technology available. This means so you can rest assured that your sensitive information will be completely protected. The video-calling platform is called Zoom. It’s kinda like Skype.

You can participate in a video call with Lauren by clicking the link in the confirmation email, following the prompts to install the software and the video call will open. That’s it!

Zoom is free to install.

The Intake Process


There will be an intake process you must undertake before your booking can be fully confirmed. 

By pre-filling the answers on the intake form, Lauren can make the best use of your appointment time. This lets you can get back to ticking off the rest of the things on your busy schedule!

If you have further questions about the intake process, you can read more here.

Payment Options


We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express to make pre-payment for your consultation a breeze. Once your pre-payment has been received and your intake form filled + submitted, your appointment will be confirmed. Simple!


If I Live Outside Australia, Can Lauren Still Treat Me?


That depends which country you live in. Email lauren@tolletotumwholehealth.com with details about which country you live in to see whether she can treat you. The laws and rules differ between countries when it comes to online consultation.

She will do her best to respond within 24 hours with an answer for you.

Lauren can definitely treat you wherever you are if you reside within Australia.

What If I Live In a Different Time Zone?


At Tolle Totum, we understand that booking to video call with someone in a different time zone is super confusing! This is why you have the option at the bottom of the booking page to match the time zone to where you live, so you know exactly what time your appointment will be.


Will I Still Get The Same Treatment As If I Was There In Person?


Yes! Lauren treats all her patients as individuals, but beyond that, it really will be as if you’re in the same room. Lauren will still get you the results you need, wherever you are and whenever you consult.


How Do I Book?


Book now through this online booking link.

We look forward to working with you!



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