Are you unsure what to expect when you book a consultation with Lauren? This post explains everything you need to know about the process.


Booking: What’s Involved


How To Book


The best way to book with Lauren is to use the booking link online. This is where you’ll find all available times to consult with Lauren about your health needs.


Appointment Types


Just select the type of consultation you’re looking for.


If this is your first full appointment with Lauren, choose the Initial Consultation option. If you want to get to know Lauren first, book a FREE 15-Minute Gut Health Assessment at the bottom of the page.

All appointments you make with Lauren will be conducted as online video calls. Check out the Online Consultation FAQ for more on how this works.


Appointment Times


Before you select a time, there is an option to change the times to match your time-zone. This is handy for those of you who are booking an Online Consultation from interstate or internationally. Now you can book and understand what Sydney time translates to wherever you live!


Initial Consultation: What To Expect


Before Booking Confirmation


After you’ve selected a time for your Initial Consultation, the next step is to fill out the brief Intake Form that will appear during the booking process. Allow about 5 minutes for this. It contains simple, straightforward questions about what aspects of your health you are seeking support with.

At the end of the form, click “complete appointment” and your appointment time will be reserved!

After this, you will get a confirmation email with the appointment time and an invoice for the consultation.


Before Your Appointment


A few days before your appointment, another email will be sent to you with a more in-depth questionnaire about your symptoms. Set aside 30 mins to complete this, and return the information via email at least 2 days before your appointment (or earlier if you like).

When we receive your in-depth intake form and payment of your invoice at least 2 days before your appointment, this is when the appointment is finalised and confirmed. 


Payment Options


We accept pre-payment for all consultations through Visa, American Express and Mastercard.

It’s easy! Just follow the prompts on the invoice you’ll be sent via email.


The Day Of Your Initial Consultation


Before the day of your initial consultation, there will be another link emailed to you. This link will enable you to set up Zoom.

Zoom is the video call software we use – It’s similar to Skype, but it’s more secure. Lauren chose it because she wants to protect you and your sensitive information during the consultation. It will be free for you to set up and use.

At the time of the appointment, Lauren will call you on Zoom and you’ll begin your consultation!


What Happens During The Consultation


During your Initial Consultation, Lauren will ask about your diet, your lifestyle and your health in general. She will also ask about your bowel movements, your menstrual cycle or anything else she might deem relevant.

This is primarily a session in which Lauren gets to know you and how your health issues impact your everyday life. It is essential to understand how your life is impacted because this is what will guide treatment.

Lauren may order some testing for you to have done, as well, to get a greater understanding of what’s happening in your body.


Why Is It So Long?


The Initial Consultation is 45 mins. It’s a little longer than other consultations because this is where we really go deep with your health, and it takes time to get all that information!

At the end of the consultation, Lauren will start you on your journey to healing. Simple tweaks to diet and lifestyle will be prescribed, along with some herbs or supplements as necessary.

You’ll then rebook for a follow-up consultation, called a Report Of Findings.


What A “Report of Findings” Is


Between your Initial Consultation and your “Report of Findings” (RF) consultation, Lauren will write up a treatment plan for you that is individual and unique to your needs and goals.

The RF consultation is when the treatment plan is delivered to you and you get to see the general shape of your treatment. You will also have a chance to offer feedback for alteration of any goals to make sure they are fully in alignment with what you want and what you can achieve.

Lauren will also assess the progress of your health since the last consultation and you’ll work together to tweak things so you continue to improve.


How Many Consultations Will There Be?


That is entirely different for every patient.

A minimum of 3 sessions will be required to begin proper care:

  1. Initial consultation
  2. Report of Findings Consultation
  3. 2nd Follow-Up to review any test results and further refine treatment

During your 2nd follow-up, there will be a discussion about how many sessions will be needed to sort things out for you.

This will differ based on what health issues you have and whether you have a chronic condition or not. Some patients will need frequent contact and others will be able to go longer between sessions. This means the number of consultations will depend on your unique situation.


What To Do Now


Now you know everything about what to expect when you book an appointment, what’s stopping you?


Let’s get you on track to living your busy life without interruptions!


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